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Become a Gym Partner

Together, we can help kids in your community overcome obstacles, on the ninja course and in life. By making a modest commitment, we can work together to transform the lives of kids facing obstacles in our communities. Partner with us to provide subsidized scholarships to Little Ninjas so they can treat their local ninja gym as an after school "home" where they can have uplifting experiences with positive role models. The level of subsidization is up to you, depending on what you can provide!

  • Option 1 – partner with us to provide programming for kids! You can use our curriculum to provide research-backed social-emotional growth and development programming woven into your coaching curriculum.

  • Option 2 – partner with us to commit to serving this population in your gym. Let us know how much we would need to fundraise per student, and we will find them and provide you with funds to allow them to be a part of your facility.

  • Option 3 – agree to host semi-annual community day fundraisers with us as the beneficiary of the fundraising

  • Option 4 – some or all of the above!

If you're interested in becoming a gym partner, please send us a note by clicking the contact button below and we'll reply right away!  

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