What is "Neighborhood Ninjas?"

Neighborhood Ninjas is a ninja warrior youth scholarship program! We help "Little Ninjas" overcome obstacles, on the course and in life! We will also strengthen and integrate neighborhoods through community building events at local ninja warrior gyms.

Why did you create Neighborhood Ninjas?

The Ninja Warrior community is amazing. People from all walks of life come together to help and encourage each other overcome the toughest obstacles in the world. There are so many children around the country facing tough obstacles of their own. We want to help them gain the confidence, perseverance, and support they need to overcome them.

How do you select scholarship recipients?

Our Little Ninjas will be selected by each individual ninja gym based on need and proximity to the local ninja gym.

Where are you located?

Our aspiration is to develop partnerships with ninja gyms around the country! But early on, we aim to grow responsibly by partnering with existing ninja gyms near each of our board members. We live in Maryland, Northern California, New Jersey, and Ohio. To find out more about our board members, click here! And to find out more about how to become a Neighborhood Ninja Gym, click here

How can I get involved?

Do you want to help Neighborhood Ninjas empower youth around the country? If so, there are five ways you can get involved!

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