Pullups for Playgrounds

We are excited to announce Neighborhood Ninjas first ever "Pullups for Playgrounds" pullupathon to raise money for our first ever Ninja Warrior playground in Willmington, DE. 

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Step 1: Fill out our waiver

Step 2: Sign up!

Step 3: Begin Fundraising!

There is a $50 minimum to participate, this means that either you or those who donate on your behalf must raise a minimum of $50. This could be as easy as 10 friends each donating $5. You got this!! 

How it Works!

How many pull-ups can YOU do in an hour?


Test your pull-up endurance at Neighborhood Ninjas' first ever Pullupathon! This competition will be held nationwide, with dozens of Ninja Warriors, Crossfit, MMA, OCR and other functional fitness facilities competing against each other at the same time on Saturday, Nov. 5th, from 10:30am - 11:30 am est!


We will have amazing sponsors and prizes for the following categories: 


- Top 3 gyms who collectively complete the most pull-ups. 

- Top 3 individuals per division who complete the most pull-ups 

- Top 3 individuals who raise the most money 

- Top 3 gyms who collectively raise the most money. 


Think of this like a Walkathon, where people donate to sponsor your walk. You can have people pledge a certain amount per pull-up, or just donate on your behalf.


When you donate, don't forget to put the name of the person you're sponsoring in the comments! There is a $50 minimum to participate.

Where is the event?


Our main host gym will be RIV Athletics in Wilmington, DE, and gyms nationwide will log onto our zoom recording while they participate at their own locations! The event will be recorded through zoom, live streamed on Instagram, and broadcast through media coverage! If you are unable to participate live, you can record yourself completing pull-ups over an hour and send us the recording within 48 hours to be entered to win one of our prizes! 


This event will be a lot of fun for a great cause - tell your gym / training partner and let's go!!

We Need Your Support Today!