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Ninja Playgrounds

This project aims to increase accessibility for youth or adults who may not have access to the funds or transportation needed to attend a gym, create a safe environment that can foster community, and promote a place where families of all ages can develop healthy and active lifestyles together.


Why Ninja Playgrounds?

In 2022, we seek to add a fifth pillar of programming and further expand our reach by developing ninja warrior playgrounds in low income and/or rural areas. According to the CDC:

  • Approximately 15 percent of U.S. adults engage regularly (3 times a week for at least 20 minutes) in vigorous physical activity during leisure time

  • Approximately 22 percent of adults engage regularly (5 times a week for at least 30 minutes) in sustained physical activity of any intensity during leisure time.


We believe the ninja playground would help address this concerning statistic by helping children and teenagers develop early habits of engaging in physical activity. The ninja playground would expose kids to unique ways to exercise through play and provide them with opportunities to learn new ways to physically challenge themselves.

An outdoor ninja playground would diversify the already existing playspace by adding an area that is geared for older kids and teenagers. Traditional playgrounds offer many obstacle-like elements such as monkey bars, but are often built with elementary aged and younger children in mind. This focus on younger children also means traditional playground include things like slides, swings, crawl spaces, and sandboxes, which are great to encourage physical activity in their intended demographic, but can feel stale or less challenging once a child reaches late elementary/middle school age. The ninja playground would be obstacle-based playground that is designed to capture the imagination of the older child or teen in the same way the traditional playground did when they were younger. It would also encourage: family activity, time outdoors, regular (and accessible) movement for adults and youth, and growth mindset through altering perceived ability levels.


Our Latest Project!

We are currently in talks with the State of Delaware Parks Department about beginning construction on our first Ninja Playground Project and are excited about the prospect of partnering with Alapocas Run State Park in Wilmington, Delaware. Alapocas is home to Can-Do Playground.


Can-Do was built with the mission to make play accessible for all children, and it provides accessible play structures for children of all abilities. The Ninja Playground would complement the mission of Can-Do by providing a play structure for older children, teens, and adults to be active together.

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