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Neighborhood Ninjas is a 501c3 non-profit organization that uses the sport of American Ninja Warrior to help underserved youth develop active lifestyles, confidence, connection, compassion and resilience. Through our trauma-informed mentorship, scholarship opportunities, and community-building programs, we help low-income and underrepresented youth build social- emotional skills and a growth mindset in a safe, active environment by partnering with Ninja Warrior training facilities nationwide to spread community, connection, and compassion, one kid at a time.

Our Programs

Ninja Playgrounds

This project aims to increase accessibility for youth or adults who may not have access to the funds or transportation needed to attend a gym, create a safe environment that can foster community, and promote a place where families of all ages can develop healthy and active lifestyles together.

Community Days

Neighborhood Ninjas hosts community days for kids to interact with one another, and professional American Ninjas Warrior athletes and coaches.

Darkness to Light, Partners in Prevention Training

Neighborhood Ninjas is also now offering the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children  training for free to anyone affiliated with our mentoring program, and for a small donation for anyone not affiliated who would like to become a Partner in Prevention.


Neighborhood Ninjas Scholarship Program

Through partnerships with ninja gyms nationwide, we provide scholarships to local kids to provide them with after school connection, consistency and a caring environment where they can be challenged and nurtured. Our goal is to expand access and diversity within the sport of ninja. Since 2019, we have also provided over 60 scholarships for those with financial need to be able to compete at the World Ninja League World Championships.


Specialized Community Day Events

We host trauma-informed events for kids to help them develop the mindset to overcome the obstacles they face on the course and in life. Our events foster confidence, connection, community, growth mindset and resilience for kids who need a little extra love and support. 


Public Community Day Events

We host semi-regular community building events at the local gym to bring guardians, kids, and ninjas together and deeply connect the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Ninjas (Virtual) Mentoring Program

We are excited to have created the first National Ninja Warrior mentoring program, where we pair “Little Ninjas” directly with “Big Ninja” Mentors to help them overcome obstacles on the course and in life! This program is currently on pause and will return in 2025.

Empowering youth to unlock the 5 C’s within themselves: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Compassion, and Character.

Our Mission


We will work to make the sport of Ninja Warrior more equitable and diverse. We hope to allow children from all walks of life to benefit from the skills this sport instills on and off the course.

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Our Vision

We envision active, connected communities where kids go to their local ninja warrior gym after school to experience exciting and uplifting interactions with caring adults and other children.

We see our Little Ninjas walking through their neighborhoods with their heads held high, proud and connected. And we imagine Little Ninjas acting like true "Neighborhood Ninjas" as they go through their day, taking every opportunity to spread kindness, connection and positivity, strengthening their neighborhoods as positive role models.

We Need Your Support Today!

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