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Neighborhood Ninjas Partner Challenge

Anybody of any age can help us in our quest to provide ninja warrior style mentoring and guidance to local kids. Just take the Neighborhood Ninja Challenge!


Don't forget to tag @neighborhood_ninjas so we can see and share all of your fun challenges.  

Visit our Instagram to see some examples! (More info below)

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How do I do a Partner Challenge?

1) Buy two shirts--one for you and one for a buddy! All proceeds go directly to helping us help kids--we don't pocket a dime!

2) Find a buddy and record a video of the two of you doing any physical activity or challenge together! No activity is too small and no feat is too grand, and nothing brings the neighborhood together like movement!

3) Post your video to instagram and / or facebook and tag us (@neighborhood_ninjas) and encourage others to take on the Neighborhood Ninja Challenge!

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