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Each year, through the generous donations of the Ninja Warrior community, Neighborhood Ninjas has given Ninja Warrior scholarships to kids across the country. These scholarships mean the world to kids who could not otherwise compete in the sport they love. 

To apply for a competition scholarship, applicants complete an online form that requests information about demographics, financial need, extenuating circumstances, and prior involvement in ninja competition. Scholarship recipients are selected based on demonstrated financial need and hardship, and not by ability or ninja experience.

Applications for 2023 WNL Scholarships are now OPEN! Use the button below to apply.

We want kids everywhere to have access to the incredible ninja warrior community, so we do whatever we can to expand access.

Kids from all over the country consistently wow us with their skill and perseverance, but because the combined costs of tickets, travel, and lodging can be substantial, some who qualified would have been unable to attend.

So we started a scholarship fund to help kids (and a hand full of adults) who qualified access this exciting opportunity for growth and community connection.

Every $150 raised provides one need-based scholarship to a kid who otherwise could not afford to attend.

Thank you for helping make dreams come true!

Why Championship Scholarships?

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