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Pullups for Playgrounds 2

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We are excited to announce Neighborhood Ninja second ever "Pullups for Playgrounds" pullup competition to raise money for our first ever Ninja Warrior playground in Willmington, DE. This project aims to increase accessibility for youth or adults who may not have access to the funds or transportation needed to attend a gym, create a safe environment that can foster community, and promote a place where families of all ages can develop healthy and active lifestyles together.

Step 1: Sign up and fill out our waiver!

Step 2: Donate! 

Put the gym you are affiliated with in the comments - if any. You are welcome to donate even if you are not signing up.

Step 3: Compete, have fun, win prizes! 

There is a $35 minimum to participate, this means that either you or those who donate on your behalf must raise a minimum of $35. This could be as easy as 7 friends each donating $5. Just have them put your name in the comments when they donate. If you want to participate with a gym team, put the gym name in the comments too! You got this!! 

How it Works!

How many pull-ups can YOU do in an hour? 

It’s time to test your pull-up endurance at Neighborhood Ninjas' SECOND annual Pullups for Playgrounds Pullupathon to raise money for our FIRST NinjaFit Playground! Entry is just $35 and makes you eligible for AMAZING PRIZES for the following categories: 

  • Top 3 gyms whose participants collectively complete the most pull-ups!

  • Top 3 individuals who complete the most pull-ups in each division (yes, we have kids divisions!) 

  • Top 3 individuals who raise the most money! You'll also win sweet prizes for every $100 you raise!! 

  • Top 3 gyms who collectively raise the most money!


How It Works:

STEP 1:  DONATE or raise $35 to enter the competition.

STEP 2: FUNDRAISE How many pullups do you think you can do in an hour? Ask your friends and family to pledge $1 per pullups you think you can do, or they can just donate as much as they want towards this amazing cause! You can create your own fundraising page or join a team! 

STEP 3: COMPETE! There are two options for how to compete! 

Option 1: Compete when you want, (mostly) how you want any time during the month of March! Set your NinjaWorks timer (or watch) to 1 hour on the clock, and rep out as many pullups as you can in 1 hour. Then just send us a video submission of your pullups and the total number you completed before midnight on March 30th! Pro tip: This is SO much fun if you get your whole gym involved and all do it together! Make it a Pullup Party! 

Option 2: Join the Pullups for Playgrounds Party LIVE on zoom Saturday, March 30th at 12pm est - you'll have the opportunity to compete with and cheer on some of your favorite ninjas!!  The event will be recorded through zoom, live streamed on Instagram, and broadcast through Media Coverage! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use bands or kip? Are chin-ups allowed?

We’re looking for strict overhand pullups! (No kipping)

Bands are allowed but 5 banded pullups = 1 strict pullup.


Can I compete with a team?

Absolutely! Pullups are more fun with friends! 

Each person on the team must pay/donate the $35 entry fee to compete, and submit video footage of their pullups to be eligible for prizes. We suggest propping the camera with everyone in frame, and you could even live stream it if you want to get even more hype from people watching! 

Your team can compete any time you want during the month of March, or live on zoom with us on March 30th at 12pm est! 

Teams must choose a gym (or organization - i.e NinjaFemme) to represent and the gym/ organization will be the winner of the prizes. 


What kinds of prizes do you have?

Mystery holds from DGS

Liquid chalk and ropes from Monkee Grips

Minimalist shoes from Xero Shoes! 

Kids Entry into Bonefrog Obstacle Race

FREE entry into Spartan Race Barre 

Collagen and protein bars from Propello Life


Neighborhood Ninjas hoodies

Slapchalks swag

And more! 



What categories do you have prizes for? 
  1. Pullup Champions (Top 3 per division who complete the most pullups in 1 hour)

Divisions: Kids M & F  (age 6 -12), Teens M & F (ages 13 - 17), Adult M & F (18+) 

  1. Team Pullup Champion

  2. Most money raised (top 2 individuals)

  3. Most money raised (gym) 


When and how do I submit my video?

Send us your video submissions by google drive link to 

Videos must be received by the end of the day (midnight) on Saturday, March 30th to be eligible for prizes! 

Thank you our sponsors!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this impactful event for our community! We could not do it without you.

We Need Your Support Today!

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