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Megan Budway

Director of Education for Neighborhood Ninjas


Megan has been an outstanding mentor with our program for the last two years, and has been a huge advocate for our Partners in Prevention Program and other initiatives! 

As Director of Education, she will be overseeing education initiatives for both our national mentoring program and our Partners in Prevention Program, which certifies gyms in child abuse prevention, mandated reporting and bystander intervention techniques - basically, she’s helping provide lots of opportunities to improve ninja youth development and safety. 

If you don’t know Megan Budway, she is an incredible human, dog mom, singer, educator and Ninja Warrior Athlete from North Carolina. Megan was a music teacher for several years, but recently made a career change (still within education) to allow herself more time to focus on her training as an athlete and give herself a better space for her mental health. 

Megan has competed on 2 seasons of American Ninja Warrior, was the NNL Ameatuer Female champion in season VI, and competes in several other leagues across the country. She has a huge passion for creating a better space for women in the sport of ninja. 

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